"One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving."

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"In December 1991 I was hit head on by a drunk driver. the impact was so severe that the drivers front wheel ended up in the floor board and I landed upside down in the passenger side floor board. The impact is something you will never forget. I remember waking up and blood everywhere I was dazed and confused. After being taken to the hospital it wasn't long i]I found out this man was drunk and his blood alcohol level was .35 i was stoked. This person should have been legally dead by alcohol poison alone. After some surgeries and a very long healing process I survived . The laws back then was not very stiff for DUI in KY so he only got 90 days in jail. In January 2002 I was driving down the interstate and as I looked in my rear view mirror I saw head lights as the back of my vehicle lifted into the air I was once again hit by another drunk diver. After everything stopped the interstate was shut down and as the police arrived they woke the other drive up he was passed out from to much alcohol. His response to the officer was the he wasn't the one driving although he was buckled in the driver seat. the impact was so hard when he hit me that his seat belt cut his liver open. Once again taken to the hospital to be treated from another drunk driver hitting me and the person that was with me at the time. The police department had to do a reconstruction of the accident and come to find out this man was passed out with foot on the floor with a speed of 105 mph when he hit me. Once again my life would be changed by the decision that some one made to drive under the influence. I went through a very long healing process once again lost my house and everything that i owned because of this persons decision to drive impaired. I have been out thousands upon thousands of dollars over the years in medical bills from this. He was charged with 2 counts of first degree wanting endangerment and was later changed by the grand jury to 2 counts of first degree assault because of the injuries sustained from the wreck. When it came time for sentencing he plea bargained down to 10 years in the KY state prison with no parole at all so he gets out this year. So here it is 2012 I just went through neck surgery having 3 disc removed and a carbon fiber cage put around my spine to keep it straight and once again this was mainly from being hit by some one making poor choices and driving impaired. I thank god every day for me still being here for if it wasn’t for him I wouldn't be. The impact of a drunk driver hitting you will change your life in many ways and will change many other lives as well people just honest do not know how it feels for some one else's poor choices that will change your life forever. I could go on and on about this but will end my story for now."

William McManus

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