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"One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving."

​We want to hear your story. Have you or a loved been affected by an impaired driving crash? Email us at projects@iam1N3.org with your story, pictures, media, and anything pertaining to the impaired crash so that we can add your story to our site.

"On April 3rd 2010 , my husband, myself and my best friend were hit head on by a drunk driver. He was three times over the limit and didn't even know what happened. I was driving on a 55 mile an hour road and he was waiting to turn left and he just went. That day the man Erick Carter changed our lives forever. I was awake the whole time they were cutting me out of the car, most of the impact was the drivers front and boy did I feel that impact. I had a compact femur fracture on my left leg, a right tib/fib compact fracture to my right leg , right humerus compact fracture to my arm , burns on my forehead and left arm from the radiator spraying me. The next day which was Easter Sunday I spent in emergency surgery for 8 + hours while they repaired me . I have rods in both my legs and arm . My husband broke a bone in his hip which has hardware in it too and has back and shoulder problems and at 30 years old has lost his ability to work as a union carpenter . My friend hurt her back and shoulder. This man is currently serving 6 years in prison and has a second strike . I was actually just informed he has cancer and 6 months to live n is trying to get out on a compassionate release so he can go home n die with his family. All I can think is were was the compassion for me as I sat there bleeding to death n stuck in a car. Drinking n driving has devastating effects and 100% avoidable."

Stacey Espinoza Forgett

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