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"One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving."

Meet Our Team

​​Tish is the the person responsible for Kevin Yates’ death because of making the choice to drive while intoxicated. She is a 1N3 Spokesperson and volunteers with 1N3 to raise Awareness about the impact of intoxicated driving. Tish has also been very instrumental in developing our Choices Matter Workshop. She is also involved with our Designated Driver: Mission Possible (DDMP). Tish works closely with Tiki in sharing their story of forgiveness at 1N3 events.

"For me alcohol is not an option anymore."

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Tish Stephens - Speaker

​​Crystal is Kevin Yates’s aunt. Crystal help with volunteers and is also a speaker at our 1N3 events. Crystal brings the story of the impact of intoxicated driving and how it affects family and friends. She has been a vital part of developing our Designated Driver: Mission Possible (DDMP) program and our our Choices Matter Workshop. Crystal is currently is a full time student and pursuing her Bachelors in Psychology with emphasis on Addiction Treatment and Prevention, and intends to use her degree with the 1N3 Addiction Recovery. 

​"My wish is that people will remember our story and learn to be responsible for their actions and make better choices."

Crystal Richards - Speaker

1N3 Co-Founder, Derek Yates, is an actor/model/singer and the graphic and media designer for 1N3. He promotes 1N3 as his charity of choice through his entertainment career.

“My goal is for the world to know my brother’s name and face. We are now his voice as well as the voice of thousands who have been killed and impacted by impaired driving.”

Tiki Finlayson - Co-Founder

​1N3 Co-Founder, Tiki Finlayson, is an Award Winning Public Inspirational Speaker and does speaking engagements at a wide variety of events, organizations, schools, churches, jails, prisons etc.

”I would love for our name, 1N3, to be outdated. Even if we can change the statistic to 1 in 4, I will smile.” 

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Derek Yates - Co-Founder