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"One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving."

Our Services

Drug and Alcohol Awareness
1N3 educates the public of the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence in many different venues such driver’s education classes, middle & high schools, rehabilitation centers, youth groups, community events, churches, and many others.

There are two options to have 1N3 come and bring our CHOICES MATTER Presnetation:

1. Community & public events – a 1N3 Awareness Team will set up in an area of your event, fair, festival, conference, seminar, etc. Our team is available to share their 1N3 story and offer our Safe Driving Pledge to be signed. When space is available, and weather permits, a trailer with a vehicle from a drunk driving wreck is set up at the event as a visual of the dangers and consequences of drunk driving.

​2. Meetings, classes, etc. – a 1N3 Awareness Team will come and present our CHOICES MATTER presentation to any group. Our Team shares their story of how a drunk driving wreck or DUI/DWI has impacted their life. Facts and statistics are included in our presentation. When weather permits, a trailer with a vehicle from a drunk driving wreck is set up at the event as a visual of the dangers and consequences of drunk driving. 

To book 1N3 for your event, please click and submit an Event Request Form.

Grief Care

​Our Grief Care Coaches help grieving people through this journey whether it is because of the death of a loved one, loss of a career, separation from addictions, and many other areas.

Our purpose is to offer encouragement and help others through the common experience of loss. Although the stages of grief are universal, each person will process them in their own unique way. 1N3 helps the individuals learn to accept where they are and to be patient with their progress. As they share their stories, they realize there is nothing wrong with them, and they are not alone. In spite of the pain someone is feeling, they understand that their lives must continue. In fact, finding their purpose in this new role is a way of honoring those we have lost. They are learning to make a choice every day to move forward and fulfill this purpose. As they do so, their hearts experience a measure of healing, and are able to support those who must join this journey of loss.

​We also offers a private online support group on Facebook. To be added to, please email your request and you will receive a confirmation email.

​For more information, please email us at info@iam1n3.org or call us at 

Victim's Services
Coming soon!