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"One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving."

​We want to hear your story. Have you or a loved been affected by an impaired driving crash? Email us at projects@iam1N3.org with your story, pictures, media, and anything pertaining to the impaired crash so that we can add your story to our site.

"Nearly 6 years ago, on August 1, 2006 my best friend was killed on his way home from the community swimming pool by a 21 years old drunk driver. Also killed with him was a 7 year old neighbor of ours. Ricky and I grew up together, we had our first day of pre- kindergarten together and he was pretty much my first friend, we were also neighbors. We were un separable from that first day of school up until that drunk driver took him from this world at the age of 14. Being so young and loosing my best friend in that manner was devastating need less to say, days, weeks and years passed and the pain never really goes away. His mom and I stayed in contact and would occasionally bump into one another at his graveside. Visiting his graveside on what would have been his 18th birthday she invited me to his older brother wedding. I’d know his older brother Pete and Pete’s fiancé since I was in grade school so I was delighted that she would invite me to something so private. Sadly 2 months before the wedding this poor close group of family and friends received the phone call in the middle of the night that Pete, Ricky’s older brother was in a car accident with his fiancé and their best friends. A drunk driver ran head on to Pete’s red mustang killing all but one person, Lisa. She clung on to her life and had multiple broken bones and with many surgeries she lived. The accident Pete was in was said to have occurred almost the exact same way the accident Ricky was in. Again, we fell apart. Too many innocent, young, promising, lives have been taken due to the stupid decisions of people drinking and deciding to drive. For ever gone and always missed...Rest in Paradise Ricky, Matthew, Pete, And Pete’s two best friends."

Amanda Lay

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