"One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving."

​We want to hear your story. Have you or a loved been affected by an impaired driving crash? Email us at projects@iam1N3.org with your story, pictures, media, and anything pertaining to the impaired crash so that we can add your story to our site.

"I got the phone call after 4am, on Sept 20, 2003, 3 hours after the Crash that NO parent or family should hear. Jennifer 18, got into a car with someone who had been drinking, "her new boyfriend" whom she "trusted."My ride to the hospital took me past the crash site, they were still there investigating. She never opened her eyes, but she had tears that I wiped and kissed away. She squeezed my hand as I held hers.  She was pronounced brain dead 4 days later. .The horrible visions etched into my mind and the pain in my heart are still so very strong. Jennifer was such a Beautiful and Loving Person Inside and Out! She would buy me flowers "for no reason." She wanted to open a no-kill shelter for animals and had so many plans for her future.I and Jenn’s family were overwhelmed by the hundreds of people who showed up for her Memorial Service. I knew she was very special but I had no idea she touched and was loved by so many!Sadly the person that killed her was allowed to drink and drive as a minor, and was drinking at his parents’ before picking up Jenn (he was 23 when he killed her). He received 90 days work release for DUI but no time for killing my precious daughter. He took a lot more than one life that night, he killed Jenn, destroyed a whole family and so much more!"

Michelle Jante

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