"One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving."

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"Aside from my effects from Kevin “Sunshine” Yates accident, I lost my best friend a few years ago, from what is still under debate as a drunk driving accident. He and a friend had been at a party/barbeque earlier in the evening, and had supposedly stopped drinking hours before getting in the car. On what is a noted treacherous stretch of road anyway, the driver started to go off the road, overcorrected and flipped the car up on its side, sliding into a tree and killing my best friend by crushing him in between his seat and the roof of the car. The car then burst into flames. My only comfort is that it's said that my friend was asleep when the crash happened and never woke up. The debate still goes as to whether or not the driver was legally drunk, but the result remains the same. My best friend is gone. The man that was with me when I got married and had my first child, who held me through all the crap growing up, the most beautiful soul I've ever had the pleasure of knowing inside and out....is gone. Please don't drink and drive. Buzzed driving is drunk driving. 

Link to story below as well as pictures of the vehicle from the wreck - http://www.carsonphotos.net/webpage1513.htm

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee - Sunday, June 24,2007 - Just after midnight, emergency crews rushed to the scene of a crash in the 6500 block of Fairview Road in Hixson. Before crews could arrive on the scene, reports stated one person was trapped and the car was on fire. Within minutes, Hamilton County Sheriffs Officers arrived on the scene and confirmed the vehicle was heavily involved with fire.Moments later Hamilton County Firefighters with the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department arrived on the scene and quickly started extinguishing the fire. Before the fire was even put out fire crews determined that there was still someone inside the vehicle. After the fire was extinguished crews could finally remove the lifeless victim from the wreckage.Witnesses said the vehicle was headed north on Fairview Road when it left the right hand side of the roadway. When the driver attempted to bring the car back into the road, it appeared as if he over corrected. The car flipped onto it's side as it was still moving. The top of the vehicle slammed into a tree while traveling on it's side. The driver was able to escape with minor injuries. The crash is under investigation by the Hamilton County Sheriffs Department."

Jamie Phillips

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