A Teen Maze has been described as a life-size game board to help teens see firsthand the consequence of life choices. Volunteers interact with teen participants in a fun and creative way to convey important and vital information about a variety of health and educational issues.

A Teen Maze educates teens about the consequence  of life choices before they have to make those choices! It is a fun life-size interactive event. Topics include:

  • drinking & driving
  • substance abuse & rehabilitation
  • legal consequence
  • relationships
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • teen pregnancy/parenting
  • financial obligations
  • depression & suicide
  • peer pressure & bullying
  • media myths and dangers
  • education & career opportunities

Our inspiration to bring a Teen Maze to Chattanooga, TN came after our Team volunteered with the Catoosa Prevention Initiative at their Teen Maze in October 2013. We realized the impact and importance of the teens having this experience. This will be made available to the sophomore students in Hamilton County. The Catoosa Prevention Initiative has been kind enough to offer their assistance in helping 1N3 to organize this event. 1N3 is getting the community agencies, businesses, and organizations involved to collaborate and impact these students.

Teen Maze School Registration Form (stay tuned)

Teen Maze Volunteer Form (stay tuned)

Be a Community Sponsor  (we must raise the funds before registering sophomores)
Teen Maze Handbook Ads (stay tuned)
Teen Maze Sponsor Donations


For more information or you have question, please email

teenmaze@iam1n3.org or call the office at 423-402-0163. 

Regretfully we have put all Teen Maze activity on hold due to funding. We hope to resume in the future.

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The Teen Maze would not be possible without.......

"One in three of us are impacted by drunk driving."